Swim Report – March 7, 2021 – Hints of Spring

Three of us met out at L1 for a late winter swim, and we were blessed with abundant sunshine that took the edge off of a 37.8F lake. But even though we are still in the sub-40F “basement,” it’s only a matter of time that we punch through to the other side of 40F for good!

As with last week, I went with a neoprene shortie along with my hood, gloves, and booties. The water stung my exposed legs and forearms on entry with the dull aching lasting for a few minutes. But this was much less intense than last Sunday where I had some significant pain for the first third of my swim. So even though we’re talking about only a 1.8F increased in the lake, that actually makes a huge difference in overall comfort in swim!

I did my usually 1/4 mile, going out to the 1/8 mile “swimmers shrine” before turning back. It was a fairly textbook swim, but the chops made it a bit difficult to perfect any sort of swim rhythm while in the water. But it was great to get back in the lake again, and very soon we won’t have to contend with “30-something” water temps – at least not until late 2021!

Skyline with bonus crescent moon
Ice Monsters post swim
Quick shot before leaving!

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