Swim Report – March 4, 2012 – Change of Plans

We got up an hour earlier this morning and headed out to MSW. However, Dave scouted out the area beforehand and deemed it to be unswimmable due to the proliferation of fishermen casting their hooks off of the south wall. So thinking quickly, we decided to check out the shoreline across the way at the infamous “Ladder X.”

Fortunately, we were able to get into the 36F lake and do a quick swim. But we decided to do shorter laps since the waves were already picking up.

Post-swim was a bit of a challenge since we had a longer walk to the parking lot. Also, my new gloves did not fare very well in the colder water (FYI, do NOT buy Pinnacle 5/4mm Merino Neo Velcro Diving Gloves if you value your fingers).

But we can now add another notch to our swim site belts with this successful outing at a new location.


Dave taking off

Post-swim pineapple

This morning’s video!

3 Replies to “Swim Report – March 4, 2012 – Change of Plans

  1. The weather.man lied again. Instead of light west winds and mirror flat water. We got 15-30 mph north and north east winds and a wash machine of chop. We waited an hour to swim any it was worth my two round trip drive to swim at mikes private beach. The 38 degree water felt nice without our hoods on for a cool down after the swim and the sun cut throught which was also nice

  2. English channel Mike invited me to swim at his private beach today !
    not a cloud in the sky 42 degree air and 35 1/2 degree water and not one but four white tail deer decided to get a drink of water from the lake today !

  3. this morning under the crush of disappointment ( the Hollywood film crew called off at 530 am due to no SNOW !) only three of O.W.C. finest swam. Our world famous English channel Mike wasted his money getting his legs waxed . Stever bought a new pair of very expensive Pinnacle 5mm gloves to protect the fancy French manicure he got and of course I stayed up all night trying out new hair styles in order to look my best on the silver screen.
    What really broke my heart the most was how hard Steve was taking the bad news ,Steve was crying so hard he needed to stop swimming a few times just to empty the tears out of his goggles so he could see where he was going ! and to top it all off… guess what ? IT WAS SNOWING AT THE BEACH TODAY !

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