Swim Report – March 10, 2019 – Current Edition

Sunday’s swim was an almost exact carbon copy of the prior week. We had similar air and water temperatures as well as an almost identical wind profile. In fact, I thought about just copying and pasting last week’s report here out of sheer sloth – but no one respects a cheater!

While we got somewhat of a break with a 37F air temperature, we still had to contend with a 33.2F lake. Fortunately for us, the winds were coming from the west again, so the lake was fairly calm – at least on the surface.

The initial water entry was a bit of a jolt – I sure was missing that extra hour of sleep that we lost – but I adjusted pretty quickly since I’ve been acclimated to these water temperatures since late December. So other than a mild ice cream headache at the start, it was a pretty straightforward swim.

I chose a swim route going due west, following the line of the wall. I wasn’t feeling the numbness that I usually get in my fingertips, so I decided to go on a bit further. I was actually making pretty good time and covering a fair distance before realizing that I was being assisted by a rather insidious westbound current. So needless to say, the way back was much more of a workout!

In sum, I would estimate I got in just over 1/4 mile with the latter 1/8 being at least twice as strenuous as the first. Plus I was really feeling it in my arms and shoulders as I am not accustomed to swimming with a fullsuit. So I am definitely looking forward to ditching the “neoprene cage” once the lake warms up!

The view south
Swim start (with bonus spectators)
Perfect swimmin’ near the breakwater
The current at water level
Underwater selfie

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