Swim Report – June 2, 2012 – Bright and early

Five of us met out at L1 just before 5:30am, and we were lucked out in that we didn’t miss the “sunrise.” Technically, the sun rose at 5:16am. But there was a low bank of clouds on the horizon that obscured the sun until we showed up. Mighty nice of Mother Nature to wait for us!

The lake temp came in at a crisp 54F – a sizable drop from earlier in the week when it was flirting with 67F. Nevertheless, we had clear skies with no wind and abundant sunshine, which really took the edge off the colder water.

The swim itself was a textbook out-and-back to the beach with a bit of resistance on the way back due to some slight southbound swells. But it was a magical morning that was well worth the loss of sleep!

Pre-sunrise skyline

Delayed sunrise

Idyllic swim area

“Nessie” makes an appearance

This morning’s video:

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  1. saturdays swim was on the cooool side with the water in the mid 50’s .

    on Sunday I decided to wear my 3mm for a 3 mile swim and the water was 62 degrees from ladder #1 to Ohio st beach and back…. i flooded my suit to cool down a few times. the water was mirror flat again today and sad to say the beaches were kind of empty !
    I used English Channel Mike’s swim tip’s and was able to take almost 10 minutes off my best 3 mile swim time !!!! not bad for a 55 year old …

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