Swim Report – June 1, 2008 – 56F!

The water was a tepid 56F on Sunday morning and very calm. The only difficulty I had was with my left goggle lens. The petroleum jelly on my face must have caused a loose seal, so it was constantly filling with water. This was exceptionally annoying, and I had to stop several times during the 25 minute swim to adjust (i.e. empty out) my goggles. These actions seem to have precipitated what happened next…

I had just poured my second cup of awesome Longjing tea, when I received a surprise visit from the Chicago Fire Department. The officer asked me if everything was okay and indicated that they had received a call that there was a “swimmer having problems” in the lake. Apparently, my pesky goggle situation had alarmed one of the residents in one of the high rises overlooking the swim area.

Lesson learned: Double check your gear by doing a few short laps and stick with a consistent swim pattern during your workout. Why? Because when you swim in the lake, you’re “on stage” whether you like it or not…

Here are the pics!

Taking the plunge


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