Deadlifts 101

In my opinion, deadlifts are the single best strength training exercise you can do. Deadlifts involve basic power movements that not only work your core but also stress every single muscle in your entire body. In addition, the high intensity nature of deadlifts causes your body to secrete higher levels of muscle growth hormones that quickly accelerate your overall strength and power.

However, deadlifts have unfairly received a bad reputation among the general public. The primary misconception that most people have is that deadlifts will injure your back. This is a half-truth. While deadlifts (as well as any other strength training exercise) can certainly cause injuries, these injuries are typically the result of a combination of either using too much weight or – most often – improper lifting technique.

Below is a video clip of the proper way to perform deadlifts. Be sure to pay special attention to the athletes’ lifting techniques as well as the instructor’s comments.

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