Swim Report – July 27, 2013 – October weather

Is sure didn’t feel like late July this morning…

Sunrise came at 5:38am, but the sun itself was nowhere to be found. Instead, Ma Nature gave us a rather chilly and overcast morning along with a steadily increasing wind that was already producing some visible swells. Fortunately, however, the lake came through for us with a fantastic 72F water temperature.

The wind and waves intensified throughout the swim, and we had some 2-3 foot swells by the time we returned to L1. But it was more than manageable given the warmer water temps.

Yet another cool adventure out at the ole’ swimmin’ spot!

P.S. Kudos to all the new Lake Monsters for coming out on such an un-summerlike morning!

Dark metropolis


Starting out


Race to the beach


Group shot at Oak Street Beach


Rogue wave




One last dip!


Chris, Lake Monster #253


Chris, Lake Monster #254


Bart, Lake Monster #255


Maggie, Lake Monster #256


Today’s video!

2 Replies to “Swim Report – July 27, 2013 – October weather

  1. I am visiting Chicago next week and would like to get in some open water swimming. Where is the best point on Lake Shore Drive to enter the water and swim? I see that Milton Orange Park, is close to my hotel, has a beach and then a break-wall about half a mile out, is this good spot. Thanks

    1. Hi there! Yes, that is Ohio Street Beach, and it is the default place where most people do their open water training. I would definitely check that beach out – especially since it’s so close to your hotel!

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