Swim Report – July 31, 2022 – Late Summer Perfection

Our last meetup of July couldn’t have been more perfect! The lake came in at 72.2F (in swim), and the air temp was already 70F at 5:45am. Plus the water was completely calm, making it an ideal start for several new Lake Monsters that showed up just before sunrise!

The view to the east was predictably amazing, and it delayed the swim start a bit. But it was a very easy process getting in the lake given the warmer water. As with the last swim, I went with just jammers and goggles – the bare essentials for summer. And I managed to do a 1/2 mile point-to-point to Oak Street Beach before taking a leisurely stroll back to L1.

Overall, another fantastic summer morning!

Lake July sunrise
Alex, Lake Monster 545 (congrats!)
Dave, Lake Monster 546 (congrats!)
Jackie, Lake Monster 547 (congrats!)
Reid, Lake Monster 548 (congrats!)

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