Swim Report – July 21, 2012 – The Peak of Summer

I will freely admit that it is nothing short of excruciating to conjure oneself out of bed for a 5:30am swim time. The rewards, however, are well worth the effort.

The sun officially crests the horizon at 5:35am this time of year, so we were all on hand to view it as it made its majestic entrance. The lake temperature came in at an amazing 77F with no thermoclines, a perfect accompaniment to the 78F air temperature. We had to contend with a slight swell that added some challenge on the return part of the swim. But any such nuances were more than nullified by the clear skies and abundant sunshine.

There were several new faces out at L1, and we had several veteran Lake Monsters show up whom we haven’t seen for a while. So all in all, a fantastic morning!

L1 at daybreak

Sunrise swimmers

Taking the leap!

Steve, Lake Monster 187 (congrats!)

Kim, Lake Monster 188 (congrats!)

Heidi, Lake Monster 189 (congrats!)

Today’s swim clip!

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  1. I missed the sunrise swim but showed up at 9am for mirror flat water at 79.4 degrees. Ohio st was packed with 60 to 80 triathleates So I swam two miles on the north wall all by myself!

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