Swim Report – July 2, 2023 – Beating the Devil

We pretty much had the entire lakefront to ourselves at 5:20am. Not only was it ridiculously early in the morning, but we had a steady drizzle that would intermittently flare up into a downpour. But this made the swim all the more entertaining!

The lake temp came in at 70F – the same as the air – and the water was completely flat and clear as an aquarium. John and I went in with just our caps, goggles, and jammers, and I found myself wishing that we could have these conditions all throughout the year. But, alas, we are in the upper Midwest. So we have to take full advantage of these summer months since they are mercilessly short!

At the 1/8 mile point (i.e. at the “Swimmers’ Shrine”), we decided to going to continue forward versus turning around. So we ended up doing a 1/2 mile in total with a celebratory landing at Oak Street Beach.

We chatted for a while at the beach before exiting the water. When we finally got out and starting our walk back to L1, we heard a crack of thunder. So once again, we beat the devil and got in a swim ahead of the t-storms!

Swim prep in the pouring rain
The author pre-swim
The thunderstorm moves in!

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