Swim Report – July 14, 2018 – Peak Summer

The forecast called for possible storms yesterday morning. But we only got a bit of a drizzle – and this happened long after we had finished up anyway!

The lake was flat as a pancake when I arrived at L1 at 5:15am with a surface temperature of 74.5F. And while the in-swim reading ended up at a less tepid 72.4F is was the first meetup where we cracked the 70F ceiling – a key summer milestone!

As with last week, I went with the basics – swim trunks and goggles. There were some colder thermoclines below the 4 foot level, but the perfectly calm conditions made for a very quick and easy swim to the beach.

I stayed around and socialized until around 6:45am when it started to rain. But it was another perfect summer morning at the beach!

Our swim site at daybreak

Beach landing

A triumphant Surya, Lake Monster 488 (congrats!)

Video reminder to all you sleepyheads

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