Swim Report – January 13, 2019 – Sea of Tranquility

Three of us made it out to the lakefront on Sunday morning, and we managed to get in a short swim despite having to contend with a 34F lake and a sustained, very biting west wind. I decided to go with a fullsuit this time, and the resulting enhanced level of comfort in the water made me realize how masochistic it is to go with exposed legs and forearms this time of year. I might change my mind at our next meetup, but it will be a hard sell for sure!

We had some messy lake conditions with high volume swells that were billowing upwards quite vigorously once they hit the shore. But we found an area on the other side of a breakwall that allowed for a pleasantly calm swim experience. Every so often, the waves would crest over the breakwall and spill out into our sacred pool. But they weren’t problematic – other than being an “attractive nuisance!”

A raucous lake
Two ladders, two swim experiences
Private pool
OWC swim locker and changing tent

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