Swim Report – February 26, 2011 – Return to L1!

The experts recommend taking an ice bath after a long run. I agree, but why not take advantage of our very own icy Lake Michigan this time of year?

Nick swung by Fleet Feet just as I was finishing up, and we made a short jaunt out to L1. The air temperature came in at 29F with light snow and no wind – quite pleasant, actually. We were already suited up, so we scampered down the frozen ladder and got right in the drink.

I didn’t have my thermometer, but I’d estimate the water temperature at around 35F. We had the infamous “washing machine” chops going on, but no big swells. I got in 3/4 of a mile before my finger tips started getting too cold. Nick did almost a mile.

The swim was both challenging and invigorating – which is exactly how we like it!

Post swim mandatory L1 shot

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