Swim Report – December 2, 2012 – Early Spring At Montrose!

Lady Luck was with us this morning!

When we arrived at MSW, the forecasted 25mph wind gusts were nowhere to be found. Instead, we had to suffer with mirror flat swimming conditions and late-Spring air temperatures of 58F. I got the official lake temperature while Dave, Nick, and Mike suited up, and it came in at a crisp 43.3F.

Dave and I swam out just before the lighthouse at the harbor entrance, while Nick and Mike went a bit further to get in their full mile. We were all quite comfortable in our cold water gear. The only complication was that our goggles – and my camera lens – kept fogging up due to the extreme temperature difference between the air and the lake. In fact, not even our secret anti-fog formula (i.e. baby shampoo) could keep our lenses clear!

After our “official” swim, we decided to get in another short one without the neoprene. However, we lasted only for a couple of ladders before we had to scramble back! Fortunately, the air temperature was so warm that we didn’t really experience any afterdrop. So we celebrated with some fresh pineapple that Dave brought, and we amused ourselves by watching the seagulls catch the rinds in mid-air.

By that time, the sun had come out again, and we could have sworn it was late-May out at the lake. So we ended up hanging out much longer than we planned – not necessarily a bad thing, mind you!

Dave pre-swim

Taking the plunge

Mike and the skyline

Floating on glass

Post-swim group shot

Recovering from the non-neoprene swim!

To the victors, the spoils!

Feeding the gulls

Today’s video compilation:

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  1. Paul Carter
    December 2, 2012

    Great report, Steve!

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