Swim Report – April 17, 2010 – New Lake Monsters brave chaotic lake!

Lake Michigan can best be described as “mercurial” this time of year…

I biked out to Ladder #1 and arrived just after 7:00am. It was a bit brisk outside (43F air temp), but I could already feel the abundant sunshine warming everything up. The official lake temperature came in at 49F – a slight dip from earlier in the week. A very mild breeze kicked up some small rollers in the swim area, but nothing too dramatic. But things certainly changed during the swim!

New Lake Monsters Scott and Bryon showed up, and we all suited up to take the plunge. Actually, Bryon went sans wetsuit as he’s training for an upcoming Alcatraz swim. I wasn’t as brave this time around!

The first half of the swim went exceptionally well, and I made great time to Oak Street Beach. But I realize in hindsight that this was because the winds had picked up substantially and I was essentially riding the current all the way to the beach. The return trip, however, was something altogether more challenging.

I had to navigate some rather ferocious swells coming off of the beach, and they didn’t subside much during that last half mile. I got beat up a bit on the way back and returned with a few souvenir mouthfuls of Lake Michigan, but I was very happy with my overall swim performance. I’ve been refining my swim technique over the last month, and I can definitely see some major progress!

Anyhow, here’s what you missed out on:

Pre-swim video

Another look at that sunrise

The author with Scott (Lake Monster #36) and Bryon (Lake Monster #37) – congrats!

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