New OWC Gear: Custom Made Lake Monster Shirts!

For those of you who have already joined the Cult of Cool, you can now order custom made shirts that feature your very own, hard-earned Lake Monster number! Here’s what they look like:

And for those rare and intrepid souls who did 1/2 mile or more in sub-35F water temps, you can get your Lake Monster Elite (a.k.a. “Ice Monster”) number on the back instead:

Just send me a quick note at srhernan [at] gmail [dot] com, and I’ll get back to you with pricing and sizing options.

And finally, for all the rest of you who haven’t yet made it out to Ladder #1, you can always check out the OWC store where you can buy a whole bunch of really cool OWC stuff!

But until you actually come out and swim with us, you will have to gnash your teeth in silent envy and/or caterwaul with rage whenever you see one of us sporting our ultracool Lake Monster numbers!

5 Replies to “New OWC Gear: Custom Made Lake Monster Shirts!

    1. Hey there! All ya gotta do is swim a 1/2 mile below the 35F mark – wetsuit or not (I personally would recommend a wetsuit!)

    1. You’re definitely an Elite 1. I’m either 2 or 3. Did Chris get in before me in December of last year? I can’t remember…

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