Join Open Water Chicago’s Facebook Page – Win Free Stuff!

Just a quick announcement. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to become a fan of Open Water Chicago’s supercool Facebook Page. Just click on the highlighted link or on the Facebook button on the right-hand sidebar of the site.

I typically cross-post a lot of the same information that’s on this site, but I also add some exclusive content to our Facebook page such as interactive stuff as well as contests and special promotions. In fact, we’ve just launched our weekly “FITNESS FRIDAY” session where you can comment on various fitness-related questions, surveys, or interactive phrases and win free stuff! This weeks FF challenge:

Complete the following phrase, “I love the smell of ________________ on race day mornings. It smells like…victory.”

The best answer wins an ultracool OWC coffee mug. So become a fan right away so you don’t miss out on anything. And be sure to tell all your friends, too!

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