Where are all the swimmers on this lovely summer evening?

Still more things we needn’t worry about at L1

Hopefully the Asian carps won’t be this fast!

Sneaky waves

(Photo credit: Jenni)

Lake Vostok

You should all know by now that we here are OWC are not deterred by swimming in cold water lakes. But speaking entirely for myself, I believe I will pass on taking a dip in Lake Vostok, the largest of Antarctica’s subterranean lakes.

And in recent news, a group of Russian scientists are within 100 feet of reaching this still unexplored time capsule. For those of you who have a spare 45 minutes, here is an excellent documentary on Lake Vostok: – The Lost World of Lake Vostok Video

Sea Bed Hunting

Ice Follies

Stay tuned for more!

Night surfing “Jaws” in Maui

Diocletian’s swim spot

When I retire, all I really want is a nice place in the country with access to a calm and peaceful swimming area. Kind of like Diocletian’s retirement palace:

Russian Ice Swimmers

Check out these intrepid “walruses!”

Winter swimming is the best way to get back into shape. It’s like a magic wand.

Surf’s Up Chicago!

Here are a few shots of “Surfer Jack” Flynn shooting the curl in the 33F water down at 57th Street Beach last Sunday. Cool stuff!