(Belated) Swim Report – March 6, 2010 – Pawned by Mother Nature!

As you know, Saturday was a bright, sunny day with air temperatures in the 38F – 40F range. So Dave and I suited up and walked out to Ladder #1 where we had just done a swim the day before.

And the Godforsaken swim area was iced over!

No joke. There was a 2-inch layer of ice covering the entire swim area as far as we could see. So we sullenly trudged over to North Avenue Beach where we luckily found open water along the shore line. We did a mile out-and-back in the 34F water and then horsed around a bit in the iced over area past the iron pilings. So some quick thinking on Dave’s part managed to salvage the morning.

No pics from the swim this time, but below is a shot of the L1 swim area from February that Dave took. It was like this:

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