What You Will Not Find at Ladder #1

I’ll concede that the lake can get annoyingly cold at times. But even in the midst of winter, I’d still rather thrash about in Lake Michigan than in some of the other open water venues on either coast.

So when you’re spending all that time training in Lake Michigan (and bellyaching about the water temperatures), just remember what we don’t have to deal with here in the Great Lakes:

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  1. No parking!! I had to pay at the zoo :(. Water was beautiful though. Not a jelly or shark in sight, only a few hungry looking ducks!

  2. ? why didn”t you mention how i was able to kill off the sharks and giant jelly fish around ladder #1 ?
    i worked many hours scuba diving trying to make the area safe for the O.W.C. swimmers . It would have been nice to get a little credit along with the action photos of my scuba diving.
    ? any word on the send off next weekend ?

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