Swimming this week in Indiana – Lake Street Beach

Here’s another awesome guest post from Bob Cavallo, our man in northern Indiana. Great job, Bob!

Wednesday evening I tried a new beach, at least new for my swims: the Lake Street Beach in the Miller section of Gary. I run a race there every spring, the Gallory Gallop, which goes along the beach through Miller and into the dunes. But I’ve never swum there until now.

The beach is long, stretching from Lake Street east to the National Lake Shore over 2 1/2 miles. It has buoys so boats won’t be a hazard.

The water is shallow near the shore, but out by the buoys it gets deep enough for swimming. Wednesday evening was cool with a lot of clouds and some wind, but the water was calm.

Thursday evening I was back to my old haunt at Hammond Beach. Quite a change from Lake Street in that this beach is only 220 yards long before you get into the boats and jet-skiers. But I got in a nice swim in cool but calm water. The shorter distance gives me a good chance to swim intervals harder going east and recover coming back west. Overall, a nice swim.

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