Swimming in Indiana

This is a guest post from Bob Cavallo. Bob is an active open water swimmer who’s our local voice for the Indiana lakeshore. Welcome Bob!


Hello from Indiana!

I swim during the week at the Hammond Beach, just Southeast of Chicago. It’s not the most beautiful beach on Lake Michigan, but it’s convenient and better than a pool. It’s situated between the Hammond Marina and the State Line Generating Plant.

The beach is about an 1/8 mile long between buoys. But if you get out early in the morning before the boaters, you can swim the full length of the beach (about 1/2 mile).

Tonight was the first evening I could get back into the water since last weekend. Between E. Coli (thanks Chicago), storms and cold water I haven’t done much. This evening the water temperature was comfortable to swim in and the lake was very calm.

Thanks again Steve, and in the future I will post about some of the other beaches along our Indiana lakefront!

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  1. Thanks for the post Bob. I just wanted to add this is also a dog beach and for fun I borrow my sisters dog for a swim partner. This year they added a gate in the free parking area ( YES, free parking – this idea must scare and confuse many Chicagoans 🙂 ) which cleaned up the bad crowd which makes 7pm swims more enjoyable. The best part is after the workout the finish line is a all-you-can eat buffet at the casino ( buffet is free after the first $22,000 bet – some restrictions apply – please change out of your speedo before gambling )

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