Swim Report – Sunday November 16, 2008 – Dave’s report

I was out with a head cold/sinus condition, but Dave and Chris managed to do a 1/2 mile. Here is Dave’s report from the comments section:

Chris and I made the Sunday a.m. swim with 30 degree air and 47 degree water….I took off first and as I passed ladder #13 big waves started to build from there to the beach. With 33 years of swimming this section I knew I needed to swim away from the wall and circle into the beach.

As I made the 1/2 mile turn around I was picked up and RAG DOLLED flipping over 3x before HITTING the beach. Damn it was no fun. I decided to walk back and look for Chris to warn him of the dangerous conditions. The winds kept building as I walked so I stopped him at the 1/4 mile mark and urged him to turn around and swim back. I felt warm while in the water BUT was quite cold walking back.

We will hope for flatter swim conditions for future swims. We will try to swim the entire winter to really test our 3mm wet suits to see what we can handle. This is our coldest air temp day yet. The water was 38 degrees in early April when we started swimming. Wish us LUCK and send Hot CoCo.

diver dave

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