You’re as Old as Your Arteries Are

I’m sure many of you have had this experience. You move into a new house or apartment that on the surface looks fantastic. The kitchen has shiny new sinks and trendy (granite) counter tops. And the bathroom has all the latest in hip and stylish fixtures. There’s only one problem, though.

The plumbing sucks because the pipes are clogged up.

So despite all the fancy exteriors, the whole system is dysfunctional because its utility has been severely compromised. And you know what? That’s exactly what’s taking place inside the bodies of many Americans – and many American children.

I’m taking an educated guess that most of you who regularly read this blog are fairly health conscious individuals. But even exceptionally healthy people can sometimes get caught up in the incessant fog of “conventional medical wisdom” and overlook some of the most basic principles of physiology and fluid mechanics. So here goes…

Your circulatory system is essentially nothing more than a plumbing system that transports nutrients, gases, and wastes to and from cells through a network of arteries, veins, and capillaries. And just like the plumbing in your house, this network of “pipes” can become clogged up if enough garbage flows through the system and manages to accumulate on the inner linings. However, it is important to note that in both cases the first areas to be negatively affected are the smaller more narrow “pipes” located in the extremities of the system.

Put another way, if your bathroom sink has very low water pressure, it’s primarily because of a blockage at a localized level. The water main that feeds you and your neighbors might be working fine (for now), but you alone have to deal with the problem. The same holds true for your internal physiology. You might “only” have 30%-40% blockage of your main arteries, but chances are that the smaller, more localized blood vessels in the peripheral network are approaching more catastrophic levels of blockage.

And these smaller vessels tend to be located in highly critical areas such as your brain and your vital organs.

The key here is to recognize that everything you consume will be broken down into molecules which will either enhance your “plumbing” or compromise it. So be sure to check all the ingredients in your food and get educated on how they might interact with your circulatory system. Because once your “kitchen sink” gets clogged up, it’s going to take more than a plunger to fix the problem.

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