Swim Report – September 9, 2009 – Dark Water

I had a kayak lesson this evening that involved practicing a self rescue. Since I was already soaked – and since the LPBC is very close to Ladder #1 – I decided to get in a quick swim.

The water was choppy but very pleasant with water temperatures around 68F. I swam out about half way to the buoys and did some back-and-forth sprints parallel to the shore.

Although the water was quite clear, it was pitch black beyond two feet of depth and made me think of two things: 1) Paula’s overnight swim last month, and 2) how happy I am that there are no marine predators lurking around in Lake Michigan.

Foggy skyline at night

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  1. well i guess we were lucky with all of the calls placed to help save the ladders…. they took all but 3 out on the north wall very very early this year (one month early)…
    so its only a 1/4 mile swim between ladders for the fall winter and spring…. i guess its better then nothing but at least we tried and they did not pull all of them. thank you
    diver dave

  2. i was lucky to have caught the last great white shark in the swim area and grill him up for the labor day weekend bbq because everyone was hungry. 8000 pounds of fresh shark meat was just enough to feed all of the ladder #1 gang. if only we had some fresh pineapple and hot sauce to was it all down.
    p.s. there are no BLUE EYED,BLONDE, JELLY fish during the week because she is back in school so look for her swimming on saturday and sundays.

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