Swim Report – September 26, 2021 – Hello Autumn!

Four Lake Monster made it out to L3 at 6:30am, and we could already tell that the summer was a mere wisp of a memory. The outside air temperature came in at 60F – normally not too daunting, but it had a crisp feel to it that wasn’t there just a short while ago. Also, in case we didn’t need any reminder that we were on the other side of the equinox, the lake temperature came in at 63.8F – almost a 10F degree drop from two weeks ago (ulp!).

Nevertheless, we were undeterred by the first glimpse of things to come, and we got in the water without any hesitation. It was still quite balmy in just a cap, goggles, and jammers (for me at least), but I opted to do a long 1/2 mile loop versus a point-to-point to the beach. This was because the walk back would have been a bit nippy given the lower air temp and a gusty wind from the west. Still, it was the perfect balance between the warmer water of late summer and the amazing sunrises that we typically start seeing in October.

So get out to the lake while we are still in the 60F+ zone!

Dawn skyline (with L1 kiddie pool at the bottom right)
Moon shot to the south
The moment before sunrise at L3
Another perfect morning!

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