Swim Report – September 25, 2010 – Cold air, warm chops

A small pack of intrepid swimmers came out at 7:00am and braved the 52F air temperature and 5-6 foot swells. Present this morning were Beth, Michelle, Nick, Mike, and yours truly. Also making an appearance was Ethan, a portrait photographer who brought out some pretty nifty equipment.

Given a sustained southeast wind and partly cloudy skies, most of us opted to wear wetsuits – despite the surprisingly comfy 65F lake temperature. The high volume waves were manageable once we got away from the wall. The beach landing, though, was a bit of a challenge.

Nick and I hit Oak Street Beach at the same time and spent some time body surfing on the crashing surf. I rode in on one particularly large wave that stripped off my goggles and claimed my Alcatraz Challenge swim cap. So if anyone finds it, you know where to send it!

Turbulent waters

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