Swim Report – September 14, 2013 – Morning Perfection!

I actually prefer these crisper mornings to the warmer ones. There is little to no haze in the air, so you tend to get some very clear and spectacular sunrises – which is precisely what we got this morning!

When I arrived at L1, there was already a small group huddled together in the 52F air temp. Several more people joined us shortly thereafter – just in time for Mr. Sol’s grand entrance.

After a fair amount of socializing/procrastinating, we all got in the lovely 70F lake and swam south to the beach, where we pretty much repeated the process before turning back. We had a slight swell to contend with, but it was more of a novelty than a nuisance since the lake temperature was so pleasant.

So enough words…I’ll just let the images speak for themselves!

Sunrise close up


Dawn swimmers


Pool party!


Danny, Marton, and Patrick


Lake Monster class picture at the beach


Mark, Lake Monster 266 (congrats!)


Kay, Lake Monster 267 (congrats!)


Nanna, Lake Monster 268 (congrats!)


Patrick, Lake Monster 269 (congrats!)


Red, Lake Monster 270 (congrats!)


Today’s video compilation:

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  1. i didnt see a day n time posted for this weekends swim….
    i did arrive at 10am and it was mirror flat and 71.4 degrees from L1 to the beach…
    did you get Angela Doyle’s photo n video I sent to help get her lake monster number ?

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