Swim Report – October 30, 2022 – Halloween Eve

We ended October with a fantastic swim. The lake came in at an unseasonably warm 54.8F – much warmer than the 48F air – and the swim conditions were pretty much ideal given that the weather can be very fickle this time of year. But the real treat was, as always, the late October colors. I’ve tried to capture them in the pics below, but these are nowhere near what it was like in person. So I hope you didn’t sleep in last Sunday!

I went with my fall setup – jammers, neoprene cap, and a thermo rash guard. Getting in the lake was a slight shock, but this wore off quickly once I got swimming. I did my usual 1/2 mile pretty quickly. The lake was calm, but the water was a murky greenish gray that is typical of this time of year. Post swim was a bit tricky as we had to contend with a nagging wind. But it was well worth the trip out to L1!

Dawn colors
Another perfect morning

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