Swim Report – October 25, 2014 – As good as it gets!

As I have repeatedly opined in the past, the October sunrises – and accompanying swims – are often some of the best of the year…

A quite sizable crew of intrepid swimmers met up at L1 at 7:00am. Fortunately, the lakefront was nothing like last week! Conversely, we had mirror flat water, 62F air temperature, super clear skies, and no wind at all – about as good as it gets.

The initial lake temperature reading came in at 56.2F (surface). However, the in swim reading was a bit more crisp at 55.4F. Still, with the overabundance of sunshine and calm lake conditions, it was a pretty easy out-and-back to the beach.

Since it’s a perfect day outside, I’m keeping this report short so I can enjoy it. And if you’re thinking about possibly getting in one last swim of the year, I would definitely check out the lakefront today!

First shot of the morning crew





Late October sunrise


Swim start!



Post-swim sunshine



Autumn leaves


New Lake Monsters [left to right] – Tracy (335), Margaret (336), Judit (337), Ali (338) – congrats!


Pre-swim selfie!


Sunrise video

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  1. i made it out at 10am today… the water mirror flat from ladder #1 to ohio street beach and the sun was 70 degrees and clear blue skies – the water was 53 degrees at the ohio st wall and 55 along the oak st wall.
    the day was so perfect i decided to swim the 1 1/2 mile to ohio st n walk back. when i looked at the timer on my watch – i realized i had swam this route the fast time ever even with three quick stop to say hello to friends walking the wall. I want to publicly thank – English Channel Mike, he gave me a great tip on how to swim faster using much less effort last year and i was able to swim the 1 1/2 mile route today 20 minutes faster !

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