Swim Report – October 24, 2015 – June Redux?

After the winterlike weather out at L1 last week, Ma Nature decided to swing the pendulum the other way for us on Saturday morning. The air temperature came in at a blazing 68F with the lake coming in at a balmy 57.7F – conditions more akin to late June versus late October!

Sunrise officially came at 7:13am, but the overcast skies didn’t really allow for much of a show. So we suited up amid stray piles of fallen leaves and gingerly entered the lake.

The swim down to Oak Street Beach was much easier due to a wind from the north pushing us south. But the return trip wasn’t really that difficult, either. The only real complicating factor was that the outer surface of our goggles would fog up occasionally in the warmer, moist air.

Post-swim was much more tolerable since the 68F air temperature really helped take the edge off of the afterdrop. So what would normally be a vigorous shivering session turned out to be quite calm – and I’m perfectly okay with that!

Lake Monsters at dawn


Swim start!


At the beach


Back at L1


Leland, Lake Monster 397


Immersion shock

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  1. what in the wide world of sports is a goin on here ???? WET SUITS – WE DON’T NEED NO STINKIN WET SUITS
    warm air and warm water and a lot of wet suits COME ON – what will you do when the water gets COLD ?
    a few drops of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo will stop the goggle fog

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