Swim Report – October 17, 2021 – Autumn Paradise

Well it’s certainly no longer summer out at the lake!

For the first time since last Spring, I dressed in layers to go out to the lake as the air temperature had dropped to 46F at 7:00am. Plus we also had a breeze from the north that harangued us while we were out of the water. But the real treat was the lake temperature which came in at an absolutely delightful 64.2F!

In the 14 years since I’ve been coming out to the lake and doing swims year-round, I can quite confidently state that October swims are some of the most memorable. That’s because the change of the season brings about a degree of color, clarity, and contrast to the lakefront that isn’t as intense during other months of the year. This translates to amazing sunrises, brilliant fall colors, and overall great photo opportunities. Plus, since the Fall Turnover doesn’t take place until late October/early November, the lake is still fairly warm (i.e. 55F – 65F) for most of the month.

So despite the nippy outside air temperature, things were quite comfortable in the wonderfully balmy lake. Having just recuperated from a bad cold, I did just under 1/2 mile in a long, lazy loop (i.e. no beach landing). But I could very well have stayed in the water all day. So I hope you all go out to the lake on Sunday. Or even better, IN the lake!

Dawn colors
Sun worshipping Lake Monsters
Back at L1!

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