Swim Report – November 14, 2010 – Calm but chilly

No pictures from my end, unfortunately. The air temperature came in at 39F at 7:30am, so Nick and I hustled out to L1 all suited up so as not to waste too much time outside of the water.

Bryon was already out there along with his wife and her brother, so we had three intrepid Lake Monsters braving the crisp mid-November waters. Despite some rather gusty breezes, the lake was quite calm. I’m still waiting for my pool thermometer to arrive from Amazon.com, but I’d place the lake temperature at around 45F – just slightly warmer than last week.

I didn’t go with a full neoprene hood, but I did wear the booties and gloves this time. I made sure to pour some hot water in both pairs prior to starting the swim, and that made a huge difference in overall comfort level.

Bottom line, it is not only possible to swim outdoors during the “off season,” but it’s actually quite pleasant and comfortable if you have the right gear. So I expect to see more and more of you all out there in the coming weeks!

** Update **

Here’s a post-swim shot of the three of us that Enrico, Bryon’s brother-in-law, took out that morning:

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