Swim Report – May 24, 2014 – New Lake Monster sightings!

Yet another picture perfect late Spring morning out at L1.  Where were you?!?

Just a quick report today as I’m getting back outside to enjoy the weekend.  The lake temperature came in at 58F with overabundant sunshine and very high water clarity.  

Thanks to everyone for coming out, and congrats to all the new Lake Monsters!

Moon and Venus




Our world famous swim spot


Heading down to the beach


Jason, Megan, and Chris


Marissa, Lake Monster 286


Adam, Lake Monster 287


Megan, Lake Monster 288


Jackie, Lake Monster 289


Pre-swim video

5 Replies to “Swim Report – May 24, 2014 – New Lake Monster sightings!

  1. Nad how thick is your wetsuit?
    I eas professional swimmer for 13 years in Europe, but last time I swam was 8 years ago:))

      1. I thought water temperature is to cold for 3mm wetsuit, that’s why i bought 6.5 mm( But I diving not swimming

      2. And how do you guys checking water temperature? any webpage? ( At some web pages it saids that water is 47F? Incorect?

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