Swim Report – March 21, 2021 – Happy Spring!

One of the most noticeable things about passing the vernal equinox is that the sunrises become much earlier rather abruptly. This continues through May and then it slows down a bit before the summer solstice. But after this last winter, I’m certainly not complaining about the longer, sunnier days!

I arrived at L1 just before 6:30am, and we already had some pre-dawn colors painting the horizon. I chatted with a number of early morning joggers and sun worshipers and snapped a few shots as the sunrise progressed. Once it was out in its full glory, I suited up and climbed into the 41.2F lake.

Because it was a clear day with very little wind, the lake didn’t have the sting it normally does at these temperatures. So I was able to get acclimated pretty much within the first minute with no real discomfort in-swim. I swam parallel to the wall to the “swimmers shrine” – the cross shaped orange marker 1/8 mile south of L1 – before turning back. The lake was a bit choppy, but we didn’t have the southbound current from the prior week. So overall it was a pretty relaxing first Spring swim of the year!

The sun peeks through
Good morning!
Choppy swim area

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