Swim Report – March 19, 2023 – Brisk Dawn

Just as we thought we were going to crack the 40F ceiling, we were once again thwarted by Old Man Winter. We had a cold front move in on Saturday that dropped the air temperatures into the low teens. These recovered a bit on Sunday, but it was still 23F at 7:00am.

The lake largely fought off this assault – although it did regress to 38F giving us a net loss of 1F from last week. But the when the sun came out from behind the cloud wall to the east, everything got a whole lot better!

I got in a rather short swim in my shortie. The lake nipped away at my exposed arms and legs, but it was surprisingly tolerable considering I had had very little sleep the night before. So I’ll call this one a win!

Icy pedway
Dawn colors
Swim finish
Creating spectators

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