Swim Report – March 17, 2012 – Return to L1 (and Happy St. Patrick’s Day)!

Nick and I trekked over to L1 about a half hour before sunrise. It was still dark enough to see the crescent moon, and there was a layer of fog out in the horizon that made the water crib look like an enchanted castle. We waited around for the sunrise at precisely 6:58am (which was an amazing show itself) and got geared up shortly thereafter for our first out-and-back swim to Oak Street Beach of 2012.

The water came in at a tepid 46F, so I went with my fullsuit, neoprene cap, and goggles. My hands and feet were a bit chilly throughout the swim, but the sun helped take the edge off of things. And by the time we hit the beach, I was quite acclimated to the water. In fact, after we got back, I was able to do a 1/8 mile swim sans wetsuit quite comfortably.

Bottom line, if you slept in, you missed yet another amazing morning out at the greatest swimming spot on the planet!

Crescent moon

Crib in the fog

St. Patrick’s Day sunrise

Double checking the lake temperature!

Nick at the beach

The author at the halfway point

Today’s video compilation!

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  1. i missed the early swim but I did bring Anne and Jelly with me at 12 noon and we floated on the inner tubes in the 50 degree water for 1 1/2 hours then jelly took her first winter swim to make it as a Open Water Chicago Ice Princess ! no goggles , cap or wet suit … she thinks she swam at least one full inch …. Happy St Patrick’s Day

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