Swim Report – June 9, 2024 – Lake Monster Milestone!

With the summer solstice almost upon us, the days are the longest and the sunrises are the earliest this time of year. But despite the 5:15am meetup time, we still had great turnout last Sunday with perfect swimming conditions. The lake came in at 62.4F (in swim) – roughly in line with the 58F air temp – and we had a perfectly calm lake coupled lots of late spring sunshine. I went in with just my cap and jammers and did a point-to-point 1/2 to the beach.

Despite the super early swim time, we had quite the crowd with several OWC regulars showing up as well as a number of new Lake Monsters. And most exciting, we finally surpassed the 600 Lake Monster mark. Thanks to everyone who has come out over the past 16+ years – it’s hard to believe we’ve been at this so long!

Another perfect late spring sunrise
Lake Monsters gathering
The 5:15am crew
Celia, Lake Monster 598 (congrats!)
Jamie, Lake Monster 599 (congrats!)
Jon, lucky Lake Monster 600 (congrats!)

Danny, Lake Monster 601 (congrats!)
Still the best swimmin’ spot on the planet!

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