Swim Report – June 27, 2010 – Outwitting the storms

Believe it or not, the swim area at Ladder 1 was quite calm and sunny at 6:00am! Since I had forgotten my thermometer, I would estimate the lake temperature at 67F with some definite cold spots showing up farther away from the shore. But I went sans wetsuit and was able to do an out-and-back mile to Oak Street Beach without being uncomfortable.

We had quite a turnout at L1. Carol, Michelle, and Marion showed up as well as a bunch of new swimmers – Alya, Deborah, and Zach (if I messed up your names, be sure to let me know and I’ll correct this post ASAP!). Normally, I’d get all this information when I snapped the traditional L1 shot of everyone. However, my camera would not come alive again despite my best hopes – so nothing I shot came out :(. But the new one should be here any day, so we should be back in business by our next meetup.

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  1. Carol
    June 27, 2010

    Hey Steve it was Deborah and Alla if I’m spelling that right.

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