Swim Report – June 19, 2022 – Last Spring Meetup!

Being just on the cusp of the solstice, sunrise was WAY early (5:15am). But that didn’t stop several new and veteran Lake Monsters from getting in a swim whilst the rest of the city slept!

Good coffee is a rarity at 4:30am, so I had to settle for the barely palatable slurry at a local Shell station. But it was well worth it as the lake came in at a near perfect 67.2 lake temp with just some light swells to make things interesting.

Since we are well within the “temperate zone,” I went with just my jammers, cap, and goggles and was more than comfortable during the 1/2 mile swim. But unlike the prior week, I opted to do a point to point swim to Oak Street Beach versus an out and back at the 1/4 mile mark. This meant that I had to walk back another 1/2 mile, but it was a perfect morning for a post-swim stroll!

Big congrats to all the new Lake Monsters!

Half moon over the city
Lake Monsters pre-swim
Swim finish!
Andrea, Lake Monster 538 (congrats!)
Kate, Lake Monster 539 (congrats!)
Brian, Lake Monster 540 (congrats!)
Vince, Lake Monster 541 (congrats!)
Ashir, Lake Monster 542 (congrats!)

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