Swim Report – July 31, 2010 – Almost skunked again by the storms!

It was a carbon copy of last Saturday at 5:30am this morning. So instead of venturing out into the thunderstorms to watch the lightning from the chess pavilion, I did the sensible thing – I went back to bed!

Only briefly, though..

The alarm clock chimed at 7:15am,and by that time the storms had passed. It was brisk outside thanks to a 65F air temperature, overcast skies, and a light breeze. The lake temperature came in at an even 65F as well.

The swim site was a bit choppy with no signs of the sun coming out anytime soon. So I donned my jammers and thermo shirt and did a quick out-and-back mile. The chops intensified a bit on the way back, but by then the sun was out in full force. That certainly took the edge off of things!

Today’s video:

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