Swim Report – July 28, 2019 – Thermidor Edition

Sunday’s mercury topped out at 92F in the afternoon which was hell on earth for me when I was outside trimming trees. But fortunately everything was absolute nirvana out at the lake at 5:40am!

These shorter days and later sunrises drew out more people last weekend – including some new faces as well as some low number Lake Monsters who we haven’t seen in quite some time. So there was much more socializing while the sun rose, and I didn’t get in the lake until just before 6:00am. But the lake conditions were perfect and unchanging, so none of this summer-induced procrastination really mattered.

The official in-swim lake temperature came in at 70.2F, so it was a very comfortable swim to Oak Street Beach. Of course, it also helped that the lake was mirror flat! The only real glitch in the morning was the presence of a colder thermocline layer that lurked below the surface at various points of the swim. In fact, this cold menace seemed to prefer the area around L1, so we had a difference of around 10F in some areas just a few feet below the surface. And you were sure to get an ice cream headache if you dared to swim to the bottom of the lake in these spots!

By the time I finished my leisurely walk back to L1, the air temperature had hit the 75F mark, and I could already feel the sun’s intensity increasing. So I packed up my stuff, said so long to the “sunrise crew”, and started working my way north where the joys of yard work awaited me. But at least I got to experience the best part of the day!

L1 pre-sunrise
The morning crew
Launch point
Paradise at 6:00am
Amy, Lake Monster 517 (congrats!)
Melissa, Lake Monster 518 (congrats!)

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