Swim Report – January 30, 2022 – Deep Freeze

Getting to the lake was much easier than last Sunday. Even with a colder 17F air temp, it was a breeze to get down to L1 as we had clear skies and no wind or snow. Plus I was able to secure rock star parking just on the other side of the pedestrian walkway – always an added bonus!

The arrival at L1 was bittersweet. The lake was perfectly calm and clear, but L1 was once again inaccessible due to complete encasement by ice. Luckily, I had brought my trusty gear, so we took turns chipping away at L1 to clear an entry point into the lake.

The official water temp came in at 33F – just above freezing. And while it took a while to clear the ladder, we were quite warmed up by the time we donned our swim gear and entered the lake.

Since the conditions were so calm, I reached the 1/8 mile point quite quickly. So I decided to extend my swim to 1/2 mile. However, I ran into an ice sheet just before the 1/4 mile point, and I had to swim under it to get to the open water farther away from the well. Fortunately, the swim lane was unobstructed over there, and I was able to get in my full 1/2 mile by the time I returned to L1.

Post swim was fairly easy, and I had a very mild afterdrop – certainly nothing uncomfortable. But the real treat, as always, was the magnificent show to the east as you can see below!

Swim area at dawn
Skyline reflection
Sunrise sequence
Clearing the swim entry area
Another perfect morning

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