Swim Report – January 29, 2011 – Last swim of January!

Dave, Nick, Matt, and I met out at Montrose beach for a quick swim in the tepid 32F Lake Michigan water. I did a little over 1/2 mile, but it was slow going as my goggles would not stop leaking the entire time.

I was tempted to discard them (i.e. throw them far, far off into the distance), but they did provide significant protection for my face in freezing water. That being said, I cannot remember when I’ve been that annoyed during a swim!

Matt got in a bit later and had the opportunity to play around with some ice floes that had drifted in. Afterwards, Nick and I decided to test out the lake sans wetsuit. We didn’t stay in long!

Below is a short video of some of this morning’s highlights. I’ll post more stuff as the other fellows forward them to me. You should have been there!

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