Swim Report – January 24, 2015 – Return to L1!

As I sit here on Sunday morning looking out at the wet snow and biting wind, it’s quite apparent that we sure lucked out again on Saturday!

When I arrived at L1, Marton was already out there chipping away at the ice-encased ladder. But for that obstacle, the entire swim area was about as good as it gets – flat, clear, calm, and sunny. Fortunately, I had remembered to bring out my pickaxe, so we were able to clear off the ladder fairly quickly.

By the time we actually got in the lake, the sun had emerged from behind the cloud bank. So we had a fantastic accompaniment to our swim the entire time we were in the water.

I swam pretty close to the wall and made it out to the 1/4 mile point before turning back. The first couple of minutes were a bit of a challenge thanks to the low level “ice cream headache” I had to endure with my face in the water. But after that, I was quite comfortable throughout the swim.

I made it back to L1 just as Fred and Marton were finishing up changing out of their gear. Again, having the sunshine out (along with very little wind) really made a difference once we got out of the 34F water.

Overall, it was an ideal morning out at the lakefront. And if you didn’t get in a swim, I sure hope you at least got outside!

L1 iced over

[photo credit: Marton]

Clearing the way!

[photo credit: Marton]









At the halfway point


One last look back


Sunrise Video

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  1. i was glad that Steve sent me a text that L-1 was open for swim lessons !
    i made it to the parking lot as a squad car rolled in with 3 officers… so i decided that Montrose south wall might be a good place to swim …
    due to the sun shining on that wall all day long the entire wall was ice free and all ladders were clear of ice ! that along with the free parking made for a wonderful n relaxing 1/2 hour swim – it was so nice to bet in a swim

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