Swim Report – January 1, 2022 – Happy New Year!

The first day of 2022 seemed like a continuation of the prior month – namely, a dreary and blustery overcast morning the likes of which are more typical of a mid-December morning out at the lake. But ever the optimist, I ventured out to L1 to see if things were a go. Unfortunately, they were not!

We had a continual north by northeast wind that was assaulting the open basin around L1, giving us high volume swells that crested over the top of the ladder. So we opted to punt and head for Montrose Harbor, our favorite alternate swim site during the deep winter months. Lucky for us, the conditions at Montrose were much more favorable. So we suited up and got in the lake.

While we were mostly shielded from the wind and waves by the harbor wall, we still had to contend with a fairly strong current generated by the aforementioned wind. However, it wasn’t strong enough that we couldn’t swim against it – it just made things a bit amusing for us whenever we stopped to tread water and chat.

Overall, the swim went great. I am happy to report that I did not have a glove failure this time around as I was sporting some brand new 5mm neoprene gloves that – unlike my prior pair – were bereft of insidious holes that allowed cold water to mercilessly gush in and turn my left hand into a numb club. The only real challenge was getting out and changing back into our civilian clothes. Unfortunately, the brutal wind had not subsided and hit us as soon as we exited the lake. I guess Old Man Winter really want’s us to know who’s boss!

Alternate swim site
Sharing the pool with the ducks
Happy 2022!

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