Swim Report – February 19, 2023 – Winter Fading

After the late week cold snap, we lucked out again on Sunday. The air temp was a very tolerable 40F at 6:40am. But the big news was the lake temp that came in at 37F – a reversal of the downward trend we’ve been seeing since January. So it looks like we might be in the 40F+ zone any day now!

Lake Michigan had a mild ripple from a slight southwest breeze, but not in any way noticeable in swim. I went with my neoprene shorty again and was able to do 1/3 of a mile in total comfort. I had a slight afterdrop post-swim, but certainly nothing like the ones in January.

So it looks like Spring is just around the corner!

Heading south
Swim start (with bonus news camera)
Post swim rays
Sara, Lake Monster 560 (congrats!)
Rachel, Lake Monster 561 (congrats!)

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