Swim Report – February 19, 2012 – New Ice Monster at MSW!

Dave, Mike and new Lake/Ice Monster James made it out to MSW today for a swim in the tumultuous lake. Here’s Dave’s report!

The sun was shining and the air was 29F. The water was 36F. The winds were producing a nice washing machine effect. Mr. James Hooper from Brighton, England decided the best way to fight off his jet lag from England was to join our world famous English Channel Mike and Ladder #1’s Diver Dave from Open Water Chicago, for a nice cool dip in the pool followed by some fresh pineapple from Hawaii!

With the bright sunshine it was another great day at the beach. With a little luck next weekend a few more of you will find a way to get out of bed to join us before winter ends!

Diver Dave
Ladder # 1

James, Lake Monster #163 / Ice Monster #11 (congrats!)

James and Mike in the chops

Ice Monster group shot

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  1. diver dave
    February 19, 2012

    what is the complete list of our international lake monsters ???
    Nina and Dr Peter Kopp are from Switzerland
    Noami and Daphnie are from France
    James Hooper is from England
    Younsoo Kim Flynn is from South Korea
    Amanda is from New Zealand ?
    ? ? ? ? who am i missing ? ? ? ?

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