Swim Report – February 17, 2013 – Fire and Ice

There was nothing average about today’s swim – it was all about extremes.

The air temperature plummeted overnight, so we didn’t get anything higher than 14F while we were out at the south wall. This also brought the lake temperature close to the freezing point again, giving us lots of ice to contend with during our swim.

But the real story was the sunshine.

The cloudless sky was just ablaze this morning with some of the most intense sunlight I’ve ever experienced out at the lake. And given the total absence of any wind, we were quite comfortable in the water despite the bone chilling air temperature and the pesky ice that was constantly forming on us during the swim.

All in all, we did about a half mile swim, which was interrupted at times by having to navigate errant ice floes or frozen sections of the lake surface.

Yet another fun morning out at the lake!

Morning skyline


Nick and Mike getting a head start!


Group shots at the halfway point



Back at the ladder!



Post-swim changing room (a.k.a. the open air parking lot)


Geese and the Wilson Avenue crib


Icy footprints


Mike, post-swim


Today’s video compilation

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