Swim Report – February 14, 2009 – Happy Valentine's Day!

I’ve figured out the secret to successfully swimming in frigid water temperatures. Besides staying hydrated and getting a good night’s sleep, you must also eat an entire pizza by yourself and follow that with a pint of ice cream the night before your swim. Training is hell, folks…

The air temperature read 31F at 6:00am today. I made it out to Ladder #1 just after 7:00am, and the swim area was slightly choppy but completely free of ice. There were slight snow flurries, but not enough to add to the light dusting of snow from the night before. I was already suited up, so I climbed right in and began the swim.

The water seemed warmer than usual – I’d estimate it was in the 36F-37F range. I acclimated to it right away and never really felt cold throughout the swim. A slight wind had created some choppy water conditions, but not enough to pose any real challenge. I stayed close to the wall just in case, but it was a fairly routine swim. The waves had all but dissolved the snow and ice out at Oak Street Beach, so I was able to make my first beach landing since November. I had a quick chat with a beachgoer and opted to do a quick 1/4 mile run along side the lake to warm up a bit. I jumped back in just past Ladder #13 and reached Ladder #1 about 15 minutes later.

Overall, it was about as good a swim as it gets. Either the pizza/ice cream combo significantly enhances thermoregulation, or maybe I’m just finally getting used to all of this. My bet’s on the comfort food…

Foggy Valentines Day

The black overcoat fits with the “fog motif”

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  1. Steve, can’t believe your swimming in the lake with the temps posted. Don’t get sick! Be safe, take care, God Bless! Love, Mom

  2. Hey Steve:

    Here I was thrilled just being able to run in a singlet earlier in the week and you are swimming in the lake. I think of you every time I past Ladder #1.

    Be safe out there.


    1. Hey Jayme! Good to hear from you again! Although I do enjoy these winter swims, I cannot wait until summer…

      Make sure you stop by Ladder #1 and say “Hi” if you see any of us out there while you’re on the path!

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